Your Solution to Hearing Problems in Hollister, CA

Valley Hearing Center is proud to provide free audio tests and video otoscopy exams (see inside your own ear!)

Hearing technology is continuously evolving to better help people live better, more active lives. At Valley Hearing Center in Hollister, CA, we understand your hearing loss or hearing impairment is as unique as our earthquake-prone city. That’s why we’re not like other hearing aid providers. When it comes to deafness, hearing impairments and hearing loss, we’re your one-stop patient care provider.

We’ve made it our job to be more than just a hearing aid provider or hearing test location, and we do a lot more than just educate you about your hearing problems and then send you home with a hearing aid. At Hollister, CA’s own Valley Hearing Center, we’ve made it our mission to help you understand your hearing loss, inform you of all the possibilities available to you and make sure you never feel shaky about making your decision. Take a look at all of the ways our Hollister, CA can help you manage your hearing problems:

  • Clinical Services

    We offer free hearing tests at Valley Hearing Center in Hollister, CA so you can know if you need a hearing aid or other assistive listening device. Our tests are performed by licensed audiologists and should your test results show you have a hearing loss or hearing impairment, we will consult with you to go over all of your options from being fitted for a hearing aid or being referred to a physician for a medical consultation.

  • Dispensing Services

    At Valley Hearing Center, we understand the needs of our Hollister, CA patients and carry a vast inventory of hearing aids from the leading industry manufacturers so you can better find the best assistive listening device for you. Our professional patient care coordinators will help you choose a hearing aid that meets your specific needs and program it to best assist you. In addition to our hearing aid dispensing services, we also provide battery replacements, hearing aid repairs, hearing aid cleaning, and hearing management training services for you and your family. It’s our goal to be your first choice Hollister, CA assistive listening product and services dispensary.

  • Custom Earplugs and Musician Products

    Are phone conversations almost impossible for you to hear? Do your hearing problems become worse when you go swimming? Hollister, California’s Valley Hearing Center is on the leading edge of audiology and assistive listening technology which means we always have the latest hearing products and services available. We make custom earmolds so you can have custom monitors, specialized headset ear pieces, and swim plugs created to help you stay active. If you’re a musician, we can even help you get musician’s earpieces so you can continue to make and listen to the music you enjoy in spite of your hearing loss or hearing impairment.

At Valley Hearing Center in Hollister, CA, we understand that facing hearing loss and other hearing problems isn’t easy. That’s why we’re always here for you, helping you understand and address your hearing issue. We do whatever we can to ensure you’re comfortable with your hearing issue. At every visit to Valley Hearing Center, you’ll benefit from our full attention to complete patient care.
  • Consultations:

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    At every Valley Hearing Center in Hollister, CA consultation, we’ll go over your specific hearing problem and we’ll discuss your expectations, goals, and fears so we can create a plan that fits you. We’ll help you understand your hearing loss or hearing impairment and create earmolds so you have a custom hearing aid that fits you and your lifestyle.

  • Fittings:

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    The Hollister, CA Valley Hearing Center professionals will make sure your hearing aid fits perfectly. We’ll program it so it meets your unique hearing needs and we’ll ensure you’re comfortable wearing it and understand how it works. We’ll discuss ways to get used to your hearing aid, what to expect from it and the best ways to properly care for your new listening device.

  • Ongoing care:

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    Our services don’t stop after you leave with your new hearing aid. You can always call our Hollister, CA location to discuss any issues or concerns you may have about your device. Our caring staff is available to help you address your comfort with your hearing aid or other listening device, answer your questions and make sure that your hearing aid meets your needs.

Our Hollister, CA are here to assist you with all your hearing problems. Call Valley Hearing Center to schedule your free hearing test today.

  • We accept all clients and insurance including Medicare and MEDI-Cal.